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The Piracy of the PT-Scripts Traffic Exchange Script

by on Jun.30, 2010, under Piracy and Theft

The simple story of a thief, who has stolen a business from a woman and her kids, before she had a chance to launch it. A guy, so low, that he has to steal from women and children, and so disgusting, that flies would rather eat shit, than land on him. A pure thief and scammer at heart. The lowest form of life known.

The RipOff Report also has an interesting article on Mr. Rogers.
Just click the photo below to read all about this scumbag.

Scammer, Thief, Liar, and a wanna be hacker. Actually, he's a loser.

Michael Rogers
Scammer, Thief, Liar

This is a warning to all: Avoid this guy and all dealings with him.

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Pirated Scripts from Cobra once again

MICHAEL ROGERS Has recently opened –> BusinessWebsiteScripts and TrueCloudHost. BEWARE!!.

DON’T BUY HOSTING FROM A SCRIPT THIEF. ( He will steal your web site )


Michael claims that we are a fraud and a scam.

QUOTE from Cobrascripts web site:

“We found out that some scammers are running around writing a bunch of slander about us and the script. From what we hear they contact the owners to try to scare them from using the script. These people from what I am told are saying what ever it takes to get you out of that script and then by chance they happen to be selling exchange scripts.Its an old sales con from what people say.. Sounds crazy? Its real and they are  out there.. This is a great exchange and you should enjoy it with all the other exchange owners and surfers. Dont let the Internet Bully’s scare you. Enjoy what is yours and if you do not react to them at all everyone finds they just go away after a few shots with emails.”


There is no slander. We can prove everything we have stated here. And if you bought a pirated script from cobrascripts, then YOU got scammed. It was a great script. Now it is shameful to own and operate, not to mention it is banned from promotion on most other major exchanges. We are not trying to bully anyone. We are just stating facts. If you want to run an exchange that has no future potential to become a major exchange, and be named in the lawsuit, do it. We stopped trying to reason with owners that are running the script. We hope they all understand what they are in for, and that by running the script they too have spit in a woman and her childrens faces, just as Michael has. It is a real shame to see just how sad people are. How low people will go is just amazing. Are there no honest people left? Really makes the traffic exchange business look a little dirtier. And that to is sad.

The truth: The only thing we have asked Michael to do is show proof of purchase, of the PT-Scripts Traffic Exchange Script. That should not be hard to do. The problem is, Michael never bought the script rights. He cannot tell the selling price or exact day PT-Scripts was sold, or even the payment processors used in the transaction. He is a thief. A thief that steals from women and children. Why in the world would he keep denying that he stoled the script, when we just ask him to show proof of purchase. Because we have proof that he nulled the script. We have witnesses that were present during the sale. We have signed and notarized statements, from people that know Michael, and know what he did. Don’t be fooled by this guy. He has no rights to the script and never has had them. PT-Scripts is not the only script that Michael has pirated. See the links below and find out just how this guy operates. He is not to be trusted. A pirate will almost never admit what they have done. And that is exactly what Michael Rogers is doing. Avoiding facing the truth, by telling one lie after another, and trying to con people into thinking he is the victim.

If you have had any problems with this clown, feel free to post your comments.
THIS is a very interesting page… Visit

If you become a victim of Michael Rogers, contact they are the ones that lease his server to him. Don’t make your complaint to, because those complaints just go to Michael, and he doesn’t care in the first place. ( It appears that Michael has changed hosts and is now hosting with WIREDTREE i.e. Cogswell Enterprises Inc. so send abuse reports to ) Always make a complaint to IC3.
( It appears that Michael has changed hosts  AGAIN … and is now hosting with so send abuse reports to ) He moves every time he gets in trouble.

All links on this page were saved to .pdf, so the information could be time stamped and recorded, as requested by IC3.

Rich at VS-TEN takes a stand against piracy.


You want real traffic to your web site?
Join the VS-TEN Network. It dosen’t get any better.


Was the last legal registered version to ever be sold.

****** JUST THE FACTS ******


  • FACT:

Michael Rogers cannot show proof of purchase to the rights to PT-Scripts Traffic Exchange Script. HERE IS WHY. ( Page was saved to .pdf and sent to IC3 at their request on 6/23/2010 )


  • FACT:

PT-Scripts Traffic Exchange script is the real name. It stands for Paul Turney Scripts. I think I know the name of the business that I owned, plus it is on every payment processor receipt that I have. Paul is the original author. I bought into partnership with him in 2005 and bought him out in 2006. I also have over 80 emails, sent to Paul and me, ( with an ‘s’ ) from Michael Rogers. And emails from a registered script owner in 2006, that bought a script from Michael Rogers off of ebay. Michael set the registered script owner up with a new domain name, thru Big Boys Scripts, and hosting. Within a week the registered owner was booted off of Michaels server, no refund for hosting, and never transferred the domain to the registered owner. The registered owner was led to believe that he was dealing with a PT-Scripts representative. Documents forwarded to IC3.
In all, there are over 9000 emails. Over 80 from Michael directly to pt-script(s).com, over 300 in complaints of Michael Rogers actions. All with headers, date & time intact. His game back then was to sell a site, set up hosting and domain name, get the money, and boot the new owner off with a claim of TOS Violation, and then do it all again to someone else.


  • FACT:

I am David Kiser and I am alive and well….lol
Michael’s facts are screwed up. But that’s normal when you are living a lie. My uncle owned a PT-Scripts exchange in 2004 and passed away. I took it over after that and began working with Paul. You would think that a person that had made a deal to purchase rights to a script would know how to spell his last name. I have thousands of emails from past owners of the real PT-Scripts that have all been handed over to IC3. And guess what, my last name is KISER and it is on every one of them….lol I never throw anything away. Including receipts for script purchases, support requests, and inquires along with my buy-out with Paul Turney, and 100 or more in negotiations with Cathy.


“We contacted the family of the late David Kiser about the post on and with our legal help that post was removed because it was fraud. They tracked the writer back to David Uddin and hacker and I feel a partner in the VS Ten exchange net work.” END QUOTE

If you remember Michaels Rogers Webspawner page, he claimed my name was not spelled:
K I S E R.
He Claimed:
“When we bought this from the now LATE David Kyser in 2008 July I think, he was clear about the legal name and corrected us a few times. We did not resell the script right away because it was so far out of date. We had a new script developed by the Code Doctor. He did a great job and made it to where the updates for our script and some of the mods will work will work in the older pt script.”

BUT NOW HE CLAIMS: “We contacted the family of the late David Kiser
He spells it correctly here.
Then he says: “They tracked the writer back to David Uddin and hacker and I feel a partner in the VS Ten exchange net work.”

I wrote the webspawner page, and this blog is almost the exact same page, with more updated information. Again, another Michael Rogers lie.

Michael is a liar. Don’t be fooled by this con artist. If his lips are moving, or he is typing on a keyboard, there is a lie in it.

The big question here is WHERE IS HIS PROOF OF PAYMENT?
Has anyone seen any real proof that Michael bought PT-Scripts?
He has NO proof of purchase to the rights to PT-Scripts Traffic Exchange Script. HERE IS WHY
He hacked the script.

I have already forwarded one of the payment receipts to Rich at VS-TEN, that show it was not sold to Michael Rogers.

If he had real, verifiable proof, this would have been over long ago.
I have nothing to gain here. I do not want the business back, I am not asking for any money.
I am simply proving that Michael Rogers hacked the codelocked script and took the business from Cathy, and he has the potential to do it to any developer. I am warning you that this guy is a thief, and con man. And if he is not exposed for what he is, he will continue to feed off of the work of others. He has no real talent to produce any form of media. “It is easier to steal or copy, than create”.


  • FACT:

I can tell any previous owner ( before 02/2008 ), that bought a legal copy of the script, his or her license number, including the few legal copies that, Michael Rogers bought. Easy enough since we kept a registration database. Which was part of the package in the sale. But since Michael didn’t buy ANYTHING, he doesn’t have it.


  • FACT:

The reason I do not publish my email address on this page is because all the people involved with PT-Scripts know my email address. It has not changed in 10 years. And I am very easy to reach by anyone that has knowledge of PT-Scripts history.


  • FACT:

I have never heard of or had any association with a David Uddin as Michael’s bull shit page claims. Plain and simple. But since Michael thinks I am him, I will look him up and see if he knows of any purchase of rights done thru PayPal. I already know the answer to that one.


  • FACT:

Simply searching with google, links Michael Rogers to an assortment of online scams. This is just one more.


  • FACT:

I do not have any relationship to, nor have I ever had any relationship to


  • FACT:

The rights to PT-Scripts were sold, but not in late 2008, we have the receipt of the sale, and the buyer was not Michael Rogers. We also now have an affidavit signed by the buyer, that swears it was never sold by them. It was never set up completely either, simply because it was PIRATED, before they got a chance to set up shop. BUT there are records, of some support services, performed on some of the registered exchanges before the pirating. Work done by the new owner. All forwarded on to IC3.


  • FACT:

Michael Rogers does not own the script or rights to it.
I was contacted on October 24, 2009 and asked if I had sold the script to

The answer is NO.

And Michael Rogers can not produce any documents that prove ownership. He can not produce any documents that show that we ever discussed him purchasing PT-Scripts. He cannot tell us or anyone else what the selling price was. We have the original receipt. Forwarded on to IC3.


  • FACT:

TOPLINE Exchange Traffic Script or TOPLINE Traffic Exchange Script IS a pirated version of PT-Scripts Traffic Exchange Script.


  • FACT:

Michael is stupid. A friend that has been emailing me sent this today. It is from an email sent out by Michael Rogers.

Quote From Michael Rogers Email, Sent June 25, 2010:
“Because of all the drama lately by Dave Uddin and Some other Drama queen called VS-10 we have brought back the original website. Yes we own the domain since day one of the script sale to us. I hope that will help bring this BS to an end. We own all the rites and have owned them since 2008..”


  • FACT:

It was never
We sold more than one script at pt-script(s).com
It was always pt-script(s).com

This is a link to a warez site, explaining how to hack Paypal buttons. They used
PayPal button on our old sales page. Dated & Timestamped, Thur Jul 07, 2005 9:07 pm
Main thing to note is the return & cancel urls. pt-script(s).com

NOTE: the email address for me, Dave Kiser, is @ pt-script(s).com

This is a link to the web archive, which clearly shows us at pt-script(s).com

So, once again, Michael Lies.
Keep them coming Mike, I love it when you show your ignorance.

  • FACT:
    And Note, when he is asking for help to decrypt the license.php, he says PT-Script(s).

Any purchase from Cobrascripts/ESBHost and Michael Rogers is risky at best, no matter if it is a script or hosting. If you host with him, he has access to all of your files, databases, passwords, and members information. Don’t host your web site with ESBHost. You’ll be handing everything over to a scammer.

We have been advised to not make the script OPEN SOURCE.
By going OPEN SOURCE, we would be handing over the rest of the files that have not been decrypted & nulled by the pirate(s), to them.

  • Rumors of FUD:
    Some of the old registered owners of the legal version have asked me to bring it back, and I have declined. Any scripting that I do from this day forward will be for my own use, and not for sale to anyone at anytime at any price. I am not trying to compete with anyone. And I haven’t had any scripts, for sale online since the sale of PT-Scripts in 02/2008. I haven’t had any desire to compete in any online ventures. I am only trying to WARN people that they are buying pirated software, from a SCAMMER.
    The PT-Scripts Traffic Exchange Script is pretty much a PLAGUE in its self now, as most notable exchange owners want nothing to do with it, and are banning it from promotion on their exchanges, and throughout their networks. Members are being notified to avoid it as well. Most of the pirated exchanges that are running, are sham sites. Michael set them up to make it look like he is doing a lot of business. Stats show that no one is really interested in them. Exchange owners everywhere are in fear of having their payment processor freeze their accounts for dealing with pirated software.They can not do business without payment processors.

As with anything, the documentation that we have given to IC3, proves that the timeline that Michael “says he bought” the rights, just do not match up. And he has no documents to back up his claims.

I have known Michael from back when the real PT-Scripts was up and running. I would never have considered selling to him, at any time or at any price.

At the bottom of this page are some links we have gathered from the web. All speak volumes as to the character of this guy. None of the pages are owned by me. They are simply links to people that have had bad dealings with him. Easily found doing google searches. Michael’s deeds bring a cloud of shame to the traffic exchange business.

All of the payment processors, PayPal, AlertPay…. and so on, have been contacted by our lawyers, and eventually IC3. You run the risk of having your account frozen by using cobrascripts pirated scripts.

The script can be downloaded freely from various sites right now, which have the exact same nulled version that he is selling. We have downloaded it from 3 different sites, and examined how it was nulled. We do not recommend using it from any free download site, as they are known to have inserted back doors, and possibly malware or virus. And it will make our pirated script list.





Thank You,
David Kiser
Paul Turney
Former Owners

These Owners Have Proven Themselves To Be Honest &∓ Ethical.
They have abandon the pirated script and we thank you!

Sometimes good people get caught up in bad situations.
All of the above had the integrity to to do the right thing.

If you know about a site that sells pirated software, Report It!!

Scripts showing:

Powered By ESB Host
Powered By Niptrino.Com
Powered By Sebas Host
Powered By Atlanta Hosting
Powered By DGUHOST
Powered By W.S.K
(or it is blank)

On the lower left corner of the main page are all Pirated Scripts.

*** Hall Of Shame  -  Known List Of Pirated Scripts *** ( Not Loading ) ( Domain Expired ) ( Domain Expired ) ( Domain Expired ) ( Domain Parked ) ( Domain Expired ) ( Not Loading ) ( Not Loading ) ( Not Loading ) ( Not Loading ) ( Not Loading ) ( Not Loading ) ( This Account Has Been Suspended ) ( Not Loading ) ( Domain Expired ) ( Not Loading ) ( Domain Expired ) ( Not Loading ) ( Domain Expired ) ( Not Loading ) ( Domain Expired ) ( Domain Expired ) ( Changed Script ) ( Domain Expired ) ( Domain For Sale ) ( Domain Expired ) ( Domain Expired ) ( Not Currently Running The Script ) ( Not Loading ) ( Not Loading ) ( Not Loading ) ( Changed Script ) ( Domain Expired ) ( Not Loading ) ( Not Loading ) ( Not Loading ) ( Not Loading ) ( Not Loading )

All of the above have been listed in the complaint to IC3.
This list will be updated as we discover more.
Owners running these pirated exchanges are subject to frozen accounts by all payment processors. And are being named in the pending lawsuit.
Don’t waste your time with these pirated traffic exchanges.

Find out who this guy is. Know who you are dealing with.


AMCS Web Service



Bedrock Traffic




Proof of Piracy


More Pirating

Even More Pirating

mdr1463 is Michael Rogers

Most people don’t like Michaels tatics


<strong/strong>Please keep all c

omments and replies, related to script piracy, Michael Rogers, ESBHost, or Cobrascripts.
All other comments will not be approved.


95 Comments for this entry

  • DW

    I am not surprised, as I have hosted with this guy once. He claimed my site was using too much bandwidth after 2 weeks, and he locked me out of my cpanel. I paid 2 months in advance and never got my money back. I agree that Michael Rogers should be avoided at all cost. Great Blog!!

  • Marc

    Thanks for making this blog!! We need more people like you David, to help point out who the scammers are. To take a business away from a woman and her children is simply sick. And to not man up and make things right is even worse. I’ll be spreading the word to everyone I know about this scumbag. Thanks again.

  • Jamie

    I bought a script from them a few months ago. It never worked correctly and I couldn’t get any help from cobrascripts. They are a scam site.
    Really bad that he had to go and steal from a woman. Not much of a man, that is for sure. Thanks for a great warning.

  • Sara

    WOW! I know Michael. He has been lying all of this time. Most of the exchanges he says he has sold are really his. He sets them up to rent out, and to make it look like he has sold a lot. What a big man he turned out to be. Stealing from a woman. He’s on my no-go list now. Thanks every body.

  • Martin

    Bring it back Dave, or put it on Sourceforge. He already has the script. If you put it on Sourceforge, everyone can get it for free, and they won’t need to buy from him any more. Flood the market with it, and they will ignore his stolen version. Then people will start asking why he thinks he can sell freeware. You might get some really good developers to make it a super script, and for free. That is what I woud do.

  • Ahmad

    you do this is good thing. i not be in any in good man you friend.

  • Thomas

    Some of those sites in the list don’t load for me, and some seem to be doing a lot in the background. They give me an uneasy feeling, like they are planting something on me. I ran a virus scan after visiting them and found a bunch of tracking cookies and .js files, so I won’t be going back to any of them.

    • Martin

      I have noticed that too. They don’t seem to load right sometimes. I don’t know if it is the server, or the script. Either way, I am done with those exchanges.

  • Jimmy

    Looks like all he needs to do is show his payment receipt. That shouldn’t be so hard, but it is enough to make me think that David is telling the truth, since he hasn’t shown the receipt.

    • Martin

      I agree, something fishy with him not showing that he bought the script. I think it is a nulled script. I won’t be buying anything from cobrascripts. Who knows what else they have that is not legal.

  • bobby jo

    i know mr hahahumor. if he is involved, it is a scam. i always check whois database. if it has esbhost or MR, i have nothing to do with it. thanks for great info you have here

  • rubby

    I bought a traffic exchange script called custom-x for $5 from in Nov 2009 but had stopped using it for my website since May 2010.

    I spent $20 on a familar traffic exchange script from owned by Dave Uddin in 2009 because I was curious why the price was 9 times lower from the real script’s developer price tag and confirms that copy is hacked from the demo script.

    I contacted the real owner and they denied any site security breach but they warned me of trojan virus threat if I were to run the script.

    Lesson learned from all this is buy original!

    There are only a handful of good quality traffic exchange developer like VS Trex, Ventrino, LJ Scripts and Traffic DX where support and quality is uncompromised. I don’t know about this PT scripts mentioned here but I think you can get an original copy from a nice store selling scripts.

    • David Kiser

      If is selling the PT-Scripts Traffic Exchange Script, it too is a pirated copy. No one should be selling it right now. The lady that bought the script and rights isn’t selling it either right now.

  • Trade Free Traffic.Info

    Thank You ALL for the information provided in this great site.
    I am a Traffic Exchange owner and used to be an affiliate of Cobra Scripts.Com.
    Do not do that either just to let you all know that are, or considering being an affiliate of Cobra Scripts.Com
    You may do this if you would like but you will not get paid!!!
    They require you to make at least $100 before you get your payment and I will guarantee you even after you surpass this amount you will not get PAID!!
    Be careful out there folks, and do know who you are dealing with before you deal with them.
    Hard lesson learned on our part.
    Needless to say we have no more contact or dealings with these folks.

    • Doug

      OH….that doesn’t surprise me. Spread the word.

    • Trade Free Traffic

      Just to update the no Pay at Cobra Scripts.Com.
      Got this e-mail from Cobra Scripts.Com the day after posting to this web-site.

      Dear Member,

      Thank you all for your support and I just want to say thank you to the ones that are about at $100.00 and the 5 that we just paid that made the $100.00 mark. The program is progressive so once you reach $50.00 you turn from 20% to a 30% of each sale income. At that rate it just builds fast.

      The one this I have had confusion with is the 90 Pay out on first time checks or Paypal. Because of fraud if you are a new signup and you reach $100.00 within a few days and we have clients that do that but please look from our shoe’s. Charge backs, and fraud happens all the time.. Most we win and some we lose. Visa has a 90 program for charge backs. So your account has to be 90 days old before we will issue a check. We like most sales to be over 60 days but if you have been with us a while we can get around a lot of rules to get you paid. I will be adding a feedback system so that the ones getting paid each month can give tips and you can work with other clients to know them and see if that have a trick or two to help.

      You all are great :)


      MY Reply:

      Why did you send this out when you did not actually pay ??
      This is my account balance.
      Total Transactions 41 Standard Linking Code – Great For Use In Emails!
      Copy/Paste The Above Code Into Your Website or Emails
      Standard Earnings $125.86 USD (includes bonus)
      Tier Earnings $0.00 USD
      Recurring Earnings N/A
      Total Earned To Date $125.86 USD

      This is what I have sold for you.
      Date Status Commission View Details
      2010-07-12 Approved – Pending Payment $13.50 USD View Details
      2010-06-21 Approved – Pending Payment $0.94 USD View Details
      2010-06-21 Approved – Pending Payment $0.94 USD View Details
      2010-06-21 Approved – Pending Payment $3.75 USD View Details
      2010-06-12 Approved – Pending Payment $1.25 USD View Details
      2010-06-10 Approved – Pending Payment $8.75 USD View Details
      2010-06-08 Approved – Pending Payment $4.25 USD View Details
      2010-06-08 Approved – Pending Payment $4.25 USD View Details
      2010-06-07 Approved – Pending Payment $1.00 USD View Details
      2010-06-03 Approved – Pending Payment $0.50 USD View Details
      2010-06-03 Approved – Pending Payment $1.25 USD View Details
      2010-06-02 Approved – Pending Payment $2.00 USD View Details
      2010-06-01 Approved – Pending Payment $3.00 USD View Details
      2010-05-31 Approved – Pending Payment $5.00 USD View Details
      2010-05-31 Approved – Pending Payment $2.50 USD View Details
      2010-05-31 Approved – Pending Payment $1.25 USD View Details
      2010-05-19 Approved – Pending Payment $7.50 USD View Details
      2010-05-19 Approved – Pending Payment $2.50 USD View Details
      2010-05-17 Approved – Pending Payment $1.25 USD View Details
      2010-05-15 Approved – Pending Payment $1.20 USD View Details
      2010-05-15 Approved – Pending Payment $1.20 USD View Details
      2010-04-28 Approved – Pending Payment $1.00 USD View Details
      2010-04-28 Approved – Pending Payment $1.00 USD View Details
      2010-04-15 Approved – Pending Payment $0.40 USD View Details
      2010-04-09 Approved – Pending Payment $1.92 USD View Details
      2010-04-09 Approved – Pending Payment $1.92 USD View Details
      2010-04-07 Approved – Pending Payment $4.00 USD View Details
      2010-04-04 Approved – Pending Payment $9.00 USD View Details
      2010-04-02 Approved – Pending Payment $9.00 USD View Details
      2010-04-02 Approved – Pending Payment $1.44 USD View Details
      2010-04-02 Approved – Pending Payment $2.00 USD View Details
      2010-03-30 Approved – Pending Payment $1.20 USD View Details
      2010-03-17 Approved – Pending Payment $1.00 USD View Details
      2010-03-01 Approved – Pending Payment $2.00 USD View Details
      2010-02-12 Approved – Pending Payment $0.60 USD View Details
      2009-12-30 Approved – Pending Payment $1.60 USD View Details
      2009-12-14 Approved – Pending Payment $3.00 USD View Details
      2009-12-13 Approved – Pending Payment $1.60 USD View Details
      2009-11-16 Approved – Pending Payment $1.00 USD View Details
      2009-10-20 Approved – Pending Payment $2.40 USD View Details
      2009-09-29 Approved – Pending Payment $2.00 USD View Details
      2009-08-29 Approved – Pending Payment $10.00 USD View Details

      This is what I have been paid to date.
      Payment History
      No Payment History Exists

      OOPS Looks like you might have missed one.

      Needless to say but this has created a ticket at ESBHOST.Com

      Thank you for contacting our support team. A support ticket has now been opened for your request. You will be notified when a response is made by email. The details of your ticket are shown below.

      Subject: Re: All affilates over $100.00 Paid
      Priority: Medium
      Status: Open

      You can view the ticket at any time at

      Thank you for contacting me and letting me help you get online.
      Michael- Owner of ESB Host and Cobra Scripts
      USA Phone: 503-584-1411

      Try to view this ticket?
      It got deleted without a response.
      Please be careful out there folks and do know who you are dealing with unless you want to lose out too.

      God Bless us All.
      Cause he has our Back.

      • David Kiser

        I think you should file a complaint with IC3 and the payment processor. The more complaints filed against them, the more IC3 will investigate them.

      • Trade Free Traffic

        A lot of folks have been e-mailing me asking did I purchase my Traffic exchange script from Cobra Scripts.Com?
        The Answer is absolutely NO!!
        I have a licensed legitimate script and with Master re-sell rights.
        If there is any other questions please feel free to use the contact link on our home page as others have already been doing.
        Please absolutely No Spam.

        Thank You All,
        Trade Free Traffic

      • Trade Free Taffic

        Well, another month has went by and the same old thing from Cobra Scripts.Com
        Here is this months e-mail:

        Thank you for a great month.

        All clients over $100.00 have been paid.
        If you were missed please contact us


        Why waste your time contacting them because your time will be flushed down the delete toilet.

        Of course for some reason or another my account was missed again??
        But i’ll bet you they are enjoying the cash made from this missing account.

        i will only do a little snapshot this time.

        Standard Earnings $130.36 USD (includes bonus)
        Tier Earnings $0.00 USD
        Recurring Earnings N/A
        Total Earned To Date 08/10/2010 $130.36 USD

        Payment History
        No Payment History Exists

        Does that look to be over a hundred dollars to you?
        Yup you are right it did me too.

        Folks you need to stay away from cobra,
        and if you are hosting through you are enabling and paying a crook to steal your web site script and then re-sell it through others to keep the whole pie…

        • David Kiser

          You can bet that they have no intention to really pay anyone. I would bet no one really got paid anything.
          Thanks for the update. Keep spreading the word too.

        • Trade Free Traffic

          I just want you all to know that ESBHOST.COM,COBRASCRIPTS.COM is no longer being served by his old host.
          They have gotten rid of them.
          After your reply David I went right to the source and told them that they were allowing a liar and a thief to use their servers and thought they had a right to know in case they were to get sued.
          This was their Reply.

          Hello ,

          We have suspended the server owned by . I see he has stopped using services with us , please verify it .

          Support Department.

          So Power To The People!!!

          Keep Spreading this around cause a bad egg has a way of making a come back Y-all.

          1 down for now.

          • David Kiser

            That is good news. Now we need to inform the new host about Mr. Rogers, and his piracy practices…..

            Thanks for the update. I will update the blog to reflect this information ASAP, and inform WIREDTREE i.e. Cogswell Enterprises Inc.

            Thanks Again !!

  • Glen McDonald

    Thanks for including AMCS Scripts in your list. I tried to reply to your email about Cobra and pirated scripts but the email did not seem to work.

    If anyone wishes to block MORE stolen script sites you can still find a list (some of the sites are now dead) at

    This idiot has recently been threatening to sue us and have our bank accounts frozen. What sort of lawyer or judge would even listen to a guy like this when so much exists that proves he is a thief?

    Glen McDonald

    • David Kiser

      Hi Glen,
      No problem. Anything I can do to help shut this guy down.
      I wouldn’t worry too much about his threats. He is a lot of talk, but little action. He likes to intimidate people. I would love to be in front of a judge with him. Most of the evidence we have isn’t posted here. Even people close to him, are starting to talk to us now.


  • Alayna Combs

    You can check with Reliance web world where Ankit Fadia an Ethical hacker give you coaching on Ethical Hacking through web. If you want the book The the book is : Unofficial Guide to ethical Hacking by Ankit fadia.

  • Best Ebay Alternative

    Nice Blog David. I would chop off his the stealing wanker! Im just wondering if my autosurf site is not a stolen script…how can i find out? thanks.

  • greg

    instead of blackmail online why dont you take a law suit against the person using your script? and avoid bein a victim instead of the victor?

    we purchased this script we usn on autosurf, but thanks for the post the script will be deleted now.

    we would appreciate if you could take our site out of the list of scammers.


    • David Kiser

      I think you should take your frustrations out on the person that scammed You, by selling You a stolen script.
      I will show that your domain has stopped using this script.

      • N2KMaster

        Actually guys like constantly move making it damn near impossible to track them, by anyone searching my terms you can see i know from this fact just by the stuff i release, reworkz, or rebuild. BUT I DONT MAKE MONEY OFF ANYTHING I RIP,REWORKZ,REBUILD OR RELEASE! Cuz it breaks rule #1 in my book You didn’t do anything to earn it. Period. The only things guys like this understand is a brutal coder like me coming and raping his home computer. Thing is that quadhits script i can actually charge money for that cuz I’m the one who coded most of it and my tags were on the original and i have video proof of ownership as well. So this could get interesting, i may actually sell this script the way its supposed to be, not what this dink is doing.He did nothing in terms to change anything in this script, in face remnants of old code including chatbox, webtrafficagents accounts and site trackers, fixes i did in the admin panel, EVERYTHING is still listed in the script. Aint his to sell, so i should, and i’ll under cut the jerk off as well. his price $19.99, ok for an out of the box version clean install and actual instructions on what type of server, etc details and help installing from the guy who actually coded this thing. Get it from me 10$, hows that sound. My rep is known online, so is his, compare. They may rip on me, hate me, but you know what, at least im honest, i come with proof of who i am, easily found online. This idiot doesn’t dare leave his homepage cuz we’re all waiting for him to sneeze the wrong way. Contact the owner on my name link here and ill set ya up.

  • George


    I would appreciate if you could please take my site name off your website.

    i no longer use your script

    Best regards
    CEO: Serverbing Limited

  • Lincoln Rael

    Hi, can I quote some of the content found in this entry if I provide a link back to your site?

  • N2KMaster

    OH MY GOD, this idiot has to be stopped, christ I’M THE ONE WHO NULLED THE QUAD FRAMER AUTOSURF HE’S SELLING which is a rip off of LJscripts autosurf with the quad frame template simply cuz the original site quadhits ripped me for coding fixes. Heres something thats super funny to, he didnt even remove half the quad hits tags. I’ll agree the idiot knows nothing about coding himself and hasn’t sold anything legit that i’ve ever seen. Wanna do something about it Cobra, N2KMaster is easier to find than you ever were you coward thief.

      • N2KMaster

        No problem, i actually got a copy that he was selling, the user will remain annon cuz i aint out to get him in trouble cuz he didnt even know. The script is REALLLLLLY well known and the fact that this moron didnt even remove 1/2 the tags or even the name N2KMaster from some of it just shows how lazy and useless this idiot is. I don’t claim nulling scripts etc are the way to go, but certainly buying them isn’t! I hope this wanker gets taken down harshly, you hear me Cobra, I CALL YOU OUT COWARD!!!! At least if i was gonna sell a stolen script that someone else nulled to the point where i could sell it, i would try to at least put something original into it and NOT make such noobish mistakes. Come on chicken —- I dare you to show up at my sites, ill rape everything about you and then tell the world about it. N2KMaster, google it numnuts! Come try selling my sites, only way you can steal from what i hear is host the sites for them and steal thru the admin account on your cpanel, so that makes you a sneak as well. THE QUAD FRAMER SCRIPT HAS BEEN NULLED! IF YOU BOUGHT IT FROM HIM, TRUST THE GUY WHO NULLED IT, ITS STOLEN! THE ONLY TIME IT WASN’T STOLEN WAS WHEN I WAS FREAKING CODING IT!

        • David Kiser

          He has also pirated x10Media scripts and others. Keep us up to date with any other scripts he has that you know he has pirated.

          PS…. I Googled you N2KMaster, and all I can say is WOW. Thanks for helping shed some light on Cobrascripts!

          • N2KMaster

            x10media, any of the clones (youtube, paypal,, manual surfs) i checked everything on the site its 100% nulled downloaded scripts with a few minor things changed. Hes making profit off what others dont know how to download, betcha he laughs everytime someone actually buys from him.

  • james

    hi admin

    i quite like the script, and was wondering how much you sellit for?

    where is your website?

    • David Kiser

      As the blog states, the script is not for sale, and has not been for sale, since 2008. The other thing is, it will not run, as it is, on PHP 6. It would have to be totally re-written. The script, as it is, depends on portions of PHP that are being removed in PHP 6. As it is, the script doesn’t run on many servers, without a special setting over ride. The setting its self is not available in PHP 6.

      • N2KMaster

        no the original nulled script needs the tages remove and the server needs global variables on which most wont let you have any more. Why would you sell a script that has been tagged all over the internet as nulled all over the place is beyond me, like did he think i wouldn’t catch on. I got the “original” he sells and hes replaced 1/2 the tags to this crap template that STILL HAS THE ORIGINAL QUADHITS DATABASE FOR!! I can show proof of all this people. Doug man you really got my whistle blowing on this loser. I’m sooooo wanting to open my own site and post this loser.

  • N2KMaster


    NULLED and STOLEN, I had the script rewrote and fixed the banner end of the site and about all of it.

    Thanks and have a nice day

    Thank you for contacting me and letting me help you get online.
    Michael- Owner of ESB Host and Cobra Scripts
    USA Phone: 503-584-1411

  • N2KMaster


    Rejection email the server send when a site is rejected.

    Hello n2kmaster

    Your site was rejected. Please observe the rules of the site. If you are in need of free non-framebreaking hosting we recommend the following hosters for problem free, FREE web hosting: and and used to belong to a friend of mine who was working with us on hosting and more to boost quadhits before they shafted me for money. These places aren’t even owned by the friend anymore. I can show proof of this as well. So cobra what I am saying to you, grow some testicles cuz i got your msn and your, even tho you’ve got them hidden behind like 2 subdomain redirects. I CAN FIND YOU! HARDER IT IS FOR ME TO GET YA, HARDER ITS GONNA BE ON YOU!

  • Dan

    Michael Rogers Pissed Me off First I ordered a product from Him A Bible program and I just thought that on the Demo that the book of Genesis was messed up but NO When I got the program and loaded up it was the same thing sooooo I tried calling I emailed and nothing I was not even asking for a refund I just wanted it to work.

    (This is not what I am pissed at Michael Rogers about)

    What I am Pissed at Michael Rogers about is that I bought another program from him and honest to God the cards got mixed up I used the wrong one (which my wife was pissed about) because the charge made her go over so initially the charge went through but then they charged back because she was over ?????

    Anyway I got the new script loaded it and it was jacked up now the first script loaded fine so I KNOW HOW TO LOad scripts so…… I tried to call and explain what happened for 3 days!!! No answer from Micahel Rogers ok one robotic email did come and say “We have got your mail and will look into it.

    Then fast forward 3 months I am preparing to go Job search and my phone rings I think its a Job offer when this guy just goes off calling me all kinds of mother effers and Theif this and that so I say excuse me who is this nothing just goes on and on (I should have hung up) but then he asked who my wifes name was I said why that’s my wife He says well you guys and internet shoplifters I said WHOI IS THIS!!!”???

    He still gives me no name NEVER did I had to look it up on Who-is anyway Now He has us listed on his site as internet shop lifters now this card switchihg thing has been done before but we have ALWAYS just called and cleared it up and paid it off but THIS JERK! THANT’S WHY I am pissed at Michael Rogers is because when I started looking into him bacuse He has involved my sweet wife who never ever does anykind of wrong she always (REALLY) tries to do what’s right He is publicly calling her a thief and she does not even know about it she just knows that she got charged a fee for a charge back.

    I am pissed because I tried many times to take care of this and He was a no show then AGHHHH Ok question is there anyway I can contact a Lawyer and sue Him for Character assassination?

    How can people like Michael Rogers keep going does not anybody care or is because no one complains enough that they just stay in business well Here is his info if you have been done wrong maybe you can get justice

    michael rogers,1545 35 th pl #A lincoln city, Oregon,97367
        Tel. +503.9904200

    Take care and Do Not do business with this guy!

    • N2KMaster

      His emails are hidden behind two subdomains on his own server, nooby mistake cuz then i just follow mail routes on a single server, duh not hard, hes got a hotmail address, he says he doesnt, goes on record to say this but i found it. I’ve proven he’s selling a nulled script, a script I BUILT and NULLED MYSELF, claims he had to recode it yet all he did was find a server with php global variables set to on, and changed 1/2 the tags, he didnt change the rejection letters, theres remnants of leftover code that i coded and he didnt remove, he doesnt even know what half them are or where they are. Chances are he’ll abandon the email address but heres his hotmail address. He thinks i’m a joke but google “N2KMaster Quadhits” seriously go check, thats the 4 framer autosurf hes selling. thats his real email, flood the snot out of it, let him know N2KMaster gave it up, so sick of this loser making money off something i gave away for free but still own the copywrite on.

  • Mellissa

    Do you know if “” is still using a pirated script? I’ve used this autosurf for awhile.. and.. well.. would ya check it and let me know? I never really paid attention to the script they use.. so i can’t tell if it’s been that way forever or not.. it appears to be on your list.. Thanks..

    • David Kiser

      Yes, it is the pirated version.


      • x9

        What is the fact David,I use this autosurf and is really great and unique,the script is pirated and is online and works very well,Is it possible,if is,how and why?????

        • David Kiser

          You said it…. the script is Pirated. That is the FACT. The so called owner has no ethics, people that use it also have no respect for the true owner of the script and rights.
          And don’t fool yourself…. Alexia Rankings paint a truer picture as to how well this site is doing. It is also flagged at McAfee Site Advisor, and banned from VS-Ten Network.

          • x9

            I said it because i read it from people like you and I dont know anything else

          • David Kiser

            Most didn’t know it was stolen, and I tried to contact owners to let them know that MR was ripping people off. Most shrugged me off, but some took a stand right away and stopped using this script. They showed true moral value and honor.
            The script use to be good. When I sold it to Cathy it was great, and popular. Now it is a shame to own, and very outdated.
            It will not function on PHP v6 as it is. It will have to be rewritten. Cathy never got a chance to launch it after she purchased it.
            Thieves like Rogers make the internet a dirty place. He has no morals, and to steal from a woman just shows what a low life he really is.

          • x9

            The fact David!!!!!!!There are many similar autosurf sites,what is the fact i cant understand

          • David Kiser

            I don’t know what you want. READ THE ARTICLE. FOLLOW THE LINKS. READ READ READ.
            Rogers claims I sold to him. He Admits it is my script. What else do you want?????
            He made a post at a known site and requests help cracking the encrypted license.php file………

            “PT Scripts Traffic Exchange.. I have a clean copy of the script but I cant decode the license.php
            If someone can decode the license.php and give me a copy I will put together the rest of the script completely nulled”

            Plus we have the database of registered legal domains the script was sold to, and is not one of the legal sales.

            Read the article, it is not rocket science….. Everyone else has no problem understanding the FACTS. It is as easy as READING.

  • Steve

    I have bought a lot of scripts from cobra scripts and them being nulled explains why i always have to spend 50 hours fixing the damned things. Please could somebody give me a link as to where i can buy a real copy from the origonal author.

    The scripts on cobra never work out of the box they are full of holes and dead links.

    • David Kiser

      As the blog states, The PT-Scripts Traffic Exchange Script has not been for sale, to anyone since 2008. It is not for sale now. And this script will not function on PHP v6. It depends on register_globals which is being removed from PHP in v6. The script has to be totally re-written. You should complain to the payment processor that you used to buy the script. Inform them that Cobrascripts is selling nulled & pirated scripts.

    • N2KMaster

      The quad framer script was mine, if you need any help contact me, i know the script, in fact i own the only 9 framer version of it, just a tester site but you can see who really owned that script. The rest i have no idea where he’s stolen them from

  • James


    I just wanted to take a minute and say, WOW! An acquaintance of mine directed me to this site yesterday. That being said, I think it is very unfair and not right to just name sites and people WITHOUT contacting THEM directly.

    I have one of the sites listed here, and I am in the process of canceling my account with ESB Host. I did NOT know what Cobrascripts was/has been doing! Had I known, I would have canceled it long ago.

    From my standpoint, I went to a “script store” in early 2009 and bought a traffic exchange script. (I was also VERY new to the internet.) They were helpful in getting a site up and running and that was that. I had just wanted a traffic exchange, because at the time I was becoming involved in many myself. Had I known that he was selling “pirated” , I would have never purchased it. So WHY didn’t you contact me? You took the time to find my site and list it on here, but you can’t take the time to contact me and let me know that this was happening?!

    I have submitted a support ticket to ESB Host to cancel my account. I will not be using their script or their services from this day forward. Please remove me and TitanicTraffic from your list! I did not know this information in the first place and I feel pretty sure that many of the folks you have listed here, don’t know either. It may be a good idea to contact them DIRECTLY so they don’t have to find out that they’re being trashed on a website for something they did not know was going on.

    I will spread this word though because I have seen many of these exchanges and I do NOT agree with what Cobrascripts and ESB Host have done. Thank You, if you have any questions for me, please let me know.

    • David Kiser

      Hi, and thanks for posting. I did try contacting people that had bought this script from cobrascripts, and some were rude, some have me banned so I cannot access their homepage or contact link, and some didn’t want to be contacted by me any more, and turned me in for spamming, so I decided to stop trying to reason with those who bought the script from cobrascripts, and set up this blog as a warning for those that were considering making purchases from cobrascripts.

      I didn’t want people to be hurt by what I have done here. I am sure most didn’t know that the scripts purchased at cobrascripts are nulled/pirated scripts. I had also contacted Michael Rogers and told him to stop selling the script, but as you can see, he has ignored me. This is what happens when someone like Michael steals and sells stolen goods. People end up getting hurt. My main focus now is to keep posting, where ever and when ever I can, to warn people that cobrascripts is doing this. Hopefully, this information will become well known, and people will know to stay away from cobrascripts.

      I appreciate your support, and I am sure Cathy will too.

      I will be happy to remove your listed site, as soon as we confirm it is no longer running this script.

      Have a great day,

      • James

        Hello again. Since my original post, I have in fact canceled my account with ESB. As I said, I had no idea what was going on, as many others don’t either.

        I see that you have updated Titanic Traffic to (not loading), that is because there is no longer an account and it is not hosted. I am in no way affiliated with this site any longer. If it comes up sometime that the site is still up, then that means it was re-sold as a complete site for sale on Cobra Scripts. I just want it to be known that it is not ME that has it.

        If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks.

  • N2KMaster

    Heres his facebook people, dumbass had the nerve to add me as a friend even tho he ripped off my script!/profile.php?id=100001535690871

  • Jim Reyna

    You have listed as running a pirated script. That site is running vs-trex. Please make the correction immediately.

    Jim Reyna

  • Charla Rings

    Are there upgrades or monthly membership charges that he’s trying to sell us as well ?

  • Brent


    You have several of my sites listed on your site. (Never Ran Script on this site) please remove.

    Also please remove the powered by WSTNAS and Powered by WSTNETWORK.

    And also remove

    I ran the script until I found out it was a pirated copy. At that time I stopped using the script. And have deleted any copies I have.

    And I also was ripped off by cobra scripts, so I will be happy to help see him banned from ever selling anything on the internet again.

    Thank you for your time,

    Best Regards,

  • Jiri

    I didn’t know that M.Rogers has on on the left bottom “Powered By PT-Script © 2001-2010 PV:50.7

    • David Kiser

      The original domain was ( ptscript(s).com with an ‘s’ )
      Michael can’t buy the original domain, so he tries to hide behind
      And the last legal version sold is v33.9 is a pirated script, along with the rest.
      He has been trying to hide the style, by changing the layout too.

  • Tom Taylor

    Hi all, well this is awesome reading, I have an ongoing AlertPay dispute right now myself for pre paid hosting and ‘script updates’, purchased from you know who…lol

    I would like to know if there is an ongoing investigation by the IC3 and if I can contribute in any way?

    I have purchased a copy of the PT script from Cobra and have also stopped using it after having learned that it is indeed a pirated copy.

    I found this also today
    and this
    An interesting character to say the least!

    • David Kiser


      Yes there is an ongoing IC3 investigation, and to help, please file another complaint. The more complaints filed against him, the better. I did look at these links too, and I am not surprised. He steals, because he can’t develop on his own. He has no mind for coding his own scripts or doing his own work. He has a childs mind and wants what everyone has, so instead of learning, he steals. A natural thief.

  • google calculator

    I Love You. I really do. I would even buy you flowers and dinner for what you have shared with us! Thanks to you I now have a working blog.

  • Brett McConeell

    Hi all

    I want to join in on all this, well to say i was fooled and bought a script as well.
    The funny thing is that i was hacked today by you know who’s party, but they left trails and ip address in my joomla forum that logs everything. They thought by deleting me from my own forum would clean their trail but i didn’t spend 5 months building the website for nothing as it logged there IP and also linked them to you know who.
    Well, we really need these people shut down and fast. Hes been spamming with viruses and then hacked my server then the stupid part is, he then sends alertpay an email back about the charge-back.

  • tinboye

    Cobrascripts is still up to his old games. He has just released a bunch of outdated scripts which he stole and is saying that they are free to resell.

    Also i talked to the owner of

    Cobrascripts has released a forced matrix script which he claims is his script, as soon as i saw the demo i knew who the real owner was. I emailed about this to make him aware, he sent back this email to me:

    “Yes we are aware of it and we are taking action against them.
    We have informed all payment processors that they are using like paypal,alertpay, and they are asking for court copy of it, so until we file a court case they won’t be able to close it.

    If your friend have a noterized copy then they can send these proofs to paypal, alertpay and and for now they will take off the merchant gateway from there site and in the meanwhile we are working on it to take proper action against them.

    Rohit Seth

  • Rapidfire2011

    Hi Dave,
    This is Patricia I bought the RFH from Doug and Nancy Young remember? I still have RFH but when I went to esbhost to move from the hosting I was with due to non communication I didn’t know all I know now bout this guy, I moved all my domains there and then he said he had purchased it as I didnt know I thought he had bought it from Cathy, hmmmmm wrong go!

    He said he had an update to the script which made the script 33.2 not knowing I allowed him to do the upgrade to the script, it ran perfect as I was hacked several times before going to him, and the hacking quit so I was excited WhoooHooo!

    Well, upon scoping the script out that I could read My Lic Number 133 was gone history. And, I was trying to find info on this micheal guy and found this site a few months ago but didnt know how to send an email to you to let you know anything.

    I am now using a totally different script from scottdalehosting and would like for the listing on to be removed because I no longer am using the PT-Script because of my Lic Number went missing.

    You and Paul and and a few others which did the updates then knows where I bought mine from and Doug and Nancy. Please can you rectify the listing and let everyone know RFH is a good site and script now!!

    Patricia Burnette

  • newsjournalworld

    Hi to all

    We are working hard to put an end to Michael Rogers activities.

    We have decided to initiate a police investigation after 15 months of reaserch on Michael Rogers. The case ID is LGM-110417-037.

    Since last friday, this issue was upscaled from local police to provincial police office.

    We are gonna take off Michael Rogers from the internet and send him in jail.

    See on latest video of Michael Rogers.

    Feel free to repost on your blog and everywhere you can. We can deal with Michael Rogers.

    Bye! Bye! Michael Rogers!

  • tinboye

    awesome news, ill have to let cathy know that something is finally being done about this guy!

  • tinboye

    im not able to view the video, says This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

    is there another feed somewhere else?

  • tinboye

    Dave can you please remove from the pirate version list, this site is actually hosted with us and we can verify its not his pirated version of the script.

    Global Direct Web Solutions

  • tinboye

    well take a look at this!!

    he now charges to decode other peoples scripts!

    thats illegal!

    i am subscribed to the site newsletter to see what he steals next and trys to sell. I have contacted another programmer for a new script he is selling illegally, which retails for 300usd, he is selling for 95.00

    I know the only reseller for this script and she is friends with the programmer directly. So she is contacting him so he can file a report.

  • tinboye

    his youtube account

    if you watch his videos, he is saying that jesse pham has hosting under Benoit Denesesch and were extorting money. can he get anymore pathetic? scare tactics again!

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